The Basic Editing

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With so many options available these days, taking and editing photos can be complicated. If you’re new to photography, editing your images might seem daunting. There are many different types of software out there, but with the majority of them, you can do the same basic tasks to improve your images. In this tutorial, I’ll use Photoshop CC 2015 & Adobe Camera RAW (ACR)

I will show you how to make my average photos pop by tweaking a few small things in Photoshop ACR

This Images capture via Sony A7R2 & Canon TSE17/F4 & Lee Filter CPL & GND 0.75s (two different exposure)

Just Click Tone in ACR

go as far as you like when you change each option

when you have finished changing is divided into 16bit and select merge exposure and gamma

after all finished I normally using the plugin color efek pro 4  to add color, detail, shadow etc ( pro contrast,tonal contrast,detail extractor,contrast color).

Nothing Special 

it is up to your taste

These common editing steps are appropriate for anyone who wants to learn how to edit their own images. Now, am encourage you to experiment to figure out what works best for you — and how to enhance your photos without over-processing.



My Journey to Yogyakarta with Sony A7R II - Part II

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"Who lives sees, but who travels sees more."

Shot with Iphone 6+ Mobile Imovie My Fav Song Cold Play



This is a unique phenomenon because only one in Southeast Asia we can see the desert like the Sahara desert.  Although this sand dune area not as wide as the Sahara but it look like we're in the Sahara Desert. Sometimes Gumuk Parangkusumo Sand are also known as the Sahara in Java. Sand Dunes - Gumuk Pasir , when the rainy season in the middle of the sand dune locations there is a sizable pool of rain water so it looks like a vast lake or oasis in the desert residents of this area called the “pagut”. but during my time its was blady hot dry season. As far as the eye could see us will be treated to beautiful scenery, the sand dunes with a backdrop of sand dunes Thousand Mountains and the Indian Ocean in the background.

Kaliadem is a village in the slope of Mt Merapi that is totally destroyed after the last great eruption of Merapi in November 4th and 5th , 2010. The hot cloud ( pyroclastic flow ) hit this village. Sometimes, Merapi Peak is seen so clearly without any equipment tools because it's very close to bad i was just one day here. Especially at night, the visitor can watch molten lava from the peak. The red lava looks contrast with the dark night sky. 
"The world is a book and those do not travel read only one page."

SONY A7R II FE55/1.8SONY A7R II FE55/1.8


SONY A7R FE55/1.8SONY A7R FE55/1.8




After a tiring day I went to one place its was Plaosan Temple in the morning to capture magical moment sunrise but its normal sunrise no movement cloud or pattern just empty sky after that I walk around ask villagers about this temple and too see children going to school. Remind me memories of the time I was a boy i miss that moment peaceful joyful with old bicycle.

SONY A7R II FE55/1.8SONY A7R II FE55/1.8

What would come first in your mind if you have to mention one of Southeast Asian ancient temples? Angkor? The temples of Bagan? Borobudur?


For those who have visited Indonesia or are planning to go must have heard about Borobudur and Prambanan temples – both are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Buddhist Borobudur was built in the 9th century AD – about three centuries before the construction of Angkor Wat was started – and currently is the world’s largest Buddhist shrine. While Prambanan which was also built in the 9th century is a Hindu temples compound which consists of six elegantly towering main temples and other smaller temples.

As we step into the gate, I look around to find the ticket counter as is often the case with most historic places. However, I only notice one young man in uniform guarding a small post at the left side of the entrance. He asks us to fill in a guestbook and give voluntary donation if want enter the temples at 8.00am gate will open. I ask the authorize to enter early inside but to bad his don’t give the premission its Local LAW, I do not enter just walk outside and realize not long afterward that I am are the only tourist there. This temple absolutely has its own beauty for photograph.





Who amongst us really like to think about where our food comes from? As long as it appears clean and tasty on our table, that’s all that matters. And sometimes like in the restaurants of southeast asia – it’s often not worth the mental anguish of wondering what’s going on in the kitchen. It will be delicious – tick. It won’t make you sick. So who cares about anything else, right?

Well in this case, you wrong. But only because this is one of the most fascinating and visually in interesting kitchens I have ever seen- at 21th 22th 23th Century? still use the traditional kitchens using firewood bcoz will less cost for business - y?  The ‘gudeg’, the main ingredient is being cooked. It’s made from sliced young jackfruit which is being boiled in these large pots. They have water mixed with brown sugar and salt in them, and will be left on the fire overnight for more than 12 hours!!

Many famous restaurants in the Indonesian city of Jogja. It’s not fancy – there are no stars or hats or pretensions associated with it. But it’s known across the city for doing one of the region’s most popular dishes well. The dish is called ‘Nasi Gudeg’ and it’s essentially boiled jackfruit " Buah Nagka Muda" covered in a coconut milk sauce, served with rice, chicken and a hard-boiled egg. This is what it looks like :)

A lot of effort clearly goes on behind the scenes in the spacious kitchen area of the restaurant. Hours and hours of work to provide this dish. But it is tasty very sweet "kuah" and spicy of "kulit sapi" in fact. Its great combination with "Teh Panas" or "Jeruk Panas" Which you hope makes it all worthwhile.


In the evening I went to a coffee shop that Klinik Kopi. I was introduced to the owner of the cafe its name Mas Pepeng. He very interesting guys when talking about coffee. This cafe not only serves coffee like "Touch & Go" that's not how he handles this cafe. He come with a simple mission: to educate our costumers on how to enjoy coffee properly and to share the story behind every coffee we serve.

The first time here and I served with 3 different cups of coffee without milk and sugar to tasted. Damn!! . - Its smell like sweet honey and also espresso is not bitter and sour like i thinking all the times. This is my first lifetime I can drink coffee without sugar and milky. Thumb Up Dewd "Mas Pepeng"

Klinik Kopi serves a wide selection of Arabica single origin from around Indonesia, such as Takengon, Bajawa, Baliem, Kintamani, Ciwidey, Sunda Jahe, Nagari Lasi, Blue Batak, Lencoh Merapi, Java Tobacco, Papua, and many more. Thus -- anyone who wanna too try the real coffee -- you can find them in their website



According to its title, satay klathak pong pack is good as long as we steadfastly waiting for him. because in addition to the presentation quite a long time, either when the end is not crowded and when the end of the crowded, an average of one hour.This causes increased my hunger damn!! 

One of the culinary treasures owned by the community Indonesia is the Sate. While sate themselves have characteristics that vary as satay, stay chicken, satay lamb skewers course, satay crab and satay madura. Of the many satay above, there is one that is quite unique and the only one available in Jogja. satay klathak Jogja. When the satay-one else made using a variety of herbs,then one satay klathak only flavored with salt and baked bars "spikes motorbike -- lidi Basikal -- Jeruji". This satay will seem very simple, but in reality this one much coveted by tourists.

Other alternative menu is worth trying, among others: Tongseng and Tengkleng. To eat Tengkleng needed a little "hard work", because the meat attached to the various bones of goats is not much. Perhaps this is where the art and the pleasure of eating tengkleng. Ready for dirty hands covered in sauce because cool to hold the bones to chew the meat attached. Tengkleng curry sauce is somewhat similar but more dilute. In terms of appearance, dressing tengkleng red-orange shiny, looks "smoldering" plus some fruit cayenne wholeness swim in it. But not spicy and heavy, when the tongue was tasty but lightly. Two culinary during 10 days in Jogja, Its my favorite dish is a tengkleng and satay klathak :)







SONY A7R II CZ24/F1.8 FE55/1.8 FE16-35/F4 & TSE17/F4




My Journey to Yogyakarta with Sony A7R II - Part I

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On a short trip to Indonesia, Yogyakarta or Jogja as many locals call it, I’m quite excited for my solo travel to meet our friends. Check in KLIA2  was pretty much a breeze, and all I did was go to the AirAsia counter and showed them my passport. Everything else will be taken care off, and you get your boarding pass fuss-free. Boarding the signature crimson plane is also pretty straightforward with plenty of staff to guide you, in combination with Klia2 Airport’s clear designs that lead you to the gate easily but to far away Zzz!!

Going to Yogyakarta takes about 2.5 hours, and AirAsia’s seats are pretty comfortable linted with synthetic leather although as with all budget airlines, leg room is quite limited for each seat. I’m glad the plane doesn’t have any funky smells like some other airlines. After a couple hours, we reach our destination: Indonesia, Jogjakarta. Bandara Adisutjipto is pretty small, although being the 3rd busiest airport in Indonsia. At terminal B, I was invited by the Head of Community Sony Alpharian Jogja "Om Phenky" that is to be sent to the Harrison Hotel is was close to Malioboro street, after that "Omm Prasetyo" also came in hotel to take me for dinner. "KOPI ARANG!"

Malioboro StreetMalioboro is the most famous street in Yogyakarta. Located in the heart of Yogya, this is the city’s main street, and was once the ceremonial avenue for the Sultan to pass through on his way to and from the Keraton.

The next day leading to the Gunung Kidul with other friend from PesonaIndo Tour Guide "Rizky Nurrahman" and Marwan doin same jobs, I was lucky Incidentally they are not busy haha~  On weekend night "Libur" here very "macet" meh~ perhaps they are also the same place to like me or return their village. avoid if u hurry.

We stay at Pantai Indrayanti its was paid Rp250k per-night with regular rooms. Early morning around 4am we left guest house heading to Pantai Krakal hopefully get dramatic sunrise but frustrated weather not so kind that day its call mother of nature. After that heading slowly to next destination Pantai Pok Tunggal, Pantai Drini, Pantai Timang the last Pantai Wediombo. My first plan to stay in area Gunung Kidul for 4D3N but look at in terms of weather conditions not so good. perhaps my next trip :)


SONY A7R II FE16-35/F4SONY A7R II FE16-35/F4



Its adrenaline test and the best experience in whole your life. Timang island is a small island. You have to across ocean to get there. Usually fisherman across to the island to catch lobster using a trap. Sometimes it become favorite place for fishing. But, to get here you have to collect all your courage to across the ocean. This place quiet isolated, not much tourist visit here cause the way so rocky. Even, for local tourist. Not much of them have visit this island.

Do at your own risk!.This is the first thing you should know firsthand before deciding to get onto traditional gondolas at Timang Beach. The gondola is a simple wooden box equipped with several pulleys and nine ropes with no warranties; no one can guarantee that the rope will not break or that the gondola is not worn out. However, past years, many tourists have come to have a try on the sensation of danger of riding on a gondola. The view served at Watu Panjang Island is of incomparable charm. The lines of the Southern beaches, from Krakal Beach to the twin Turtle Island at Nglambor Beach, can be seen clearly.

SONY A7R II FE16-35/F4SONY A7R II FE16-35/F4



Better you rent a car or motorcycle for cheap one. Invite local person as guide (Couchsurfer). It will take 1.5 -2 hours to reach the site. You can rent a car for comfy cause the road so rocky. If next time I will go again must rent 4WD easy rockin faster then normal car.


Waiting for the sunset to come above the lines of trees, within the green yellow mountains of Menoreh, while watching the lake from afar. The fresh air a place are the relief for stress. Experience spectacular sunsets from the deck atop the pine trees, a produced a perfect color mixture of a God-made painting. but i am not lucky again no sunset that day very cloudy. 

The Menoreh Maountains had been very friendly at that particular afternoon; it greeted us with cool fresh air to refreshen us after going in an exhausting one-hour trip all the way from Jogja. Our feelings, which had been tired of being hurried up by the crowded city traffic, were instantly brought to tranquility. Quiet roads, green shady yards in front of the local houses-all just tempted us to move here. The place threw our memories to our young days, to the home where our memories were kept safe.

Kalibiru is now a village known mostly for its ecotourism. This is, indeed, not the sort of thing that happens just the way it is; it took decades to recover its beauty-the land had once been dull due to deforestation. Presently, big thanks to the local villagers efforts in reforesting the village, Kalibiru tourism has mobilized the economy and indeed has become their livelihood. That's how it goes between the nature and manbeing-they take care of each other.

The perfect time to pay a visit to Kalibiru would be during the afternoon, when the sun shows more friendliness and put more melancholy to the surrounding atmosphere. Around the area, there is a pine tree growing just at the edge of a cliff. This is the exact spot from where we can freely enjoy the charming view of the mountains of Menoreh. So, don't feel reluctant to climb the provided hung stairs; sit on the wooden board installed there, inhale the fresh mountain air and exhale slowly while closing your eyes. Feel every second passing as you will feel that time passes so slowly. For a while, forget the city live, leave behind all thoughts about your piles of works, and just savor the view you've got in front of you.

Kalibiru Tourism Village was firstly opened in 2008 by the local community in mutual cooperation. It was started to make footpaths then the construction of various facilities such as cottages, meeting place, toilet facilities, substations of view, and flying fox with complete facilities. Kalibiru Tourism village now already visited by local and foreign tourist .


Speaking about tourist destinations in klaten it seemed to have no end, the article that this one is no stranger probably among tourists around the area of ​​Yogyakarta, solo or Klaten, this one I will provide information about a tourist exotic with landscapes as if you in the middle of the ocean, what else if  "Rowo Jombor".

Rawa Jombor is a swamp that is situated in the center of the village of Krakitan Bayat Klaten district, Central Java, Rowo Jombor are in the middle of limestone hills, the area of ​​marsh has been inaugurated by the tourism department district klaten since 1956, swamp Jombor is approximately 9 km from downtown Klaten, if from Yogyakarta later following the path of By Pass Klaten. And every bend there must be some signs signs directions that can help you to the area of ​​Rawa Jombor.


SONY A7R II FE16-35/F4SONY A7R II FE16-35/F4

I came here with of friends alpharian jogja, we set off as early from hotel in Jogja as 4 am to dodge traffic will be "Macet". Advice for those who are not familiar to get here please hire tour guide or local friends. I was really lucky got many friends in Indonesia to offering their help.SUPERB!

This place is good also for being the destination for my fellow photographer. Came in the morning because it can get a nice sunrise along with fishing activity that catch fish in the swamp. Did you never go to Xiapu, China Vietnam Myanmar? I am also not yet just see the picture. The atmosphere here is like going to that place. it is the people are fishing "Jala" on bamboo rafts 





Sony a7R II with Canon TSE17/F4

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TSE17/F4TSE17/F4gloomy morning

13s F11 ISO50


I just tested the brand new Sony A7R II compact system camera with the Canon TSE17/f.4 L lens and the Viltrox Adapter.

Note that although canon lenses (AF) is officially supported by Metabones, i`m experienced a lot of softer at the  edge (corner to corner) in first day field test.

The second day test other location I used different method by using “own eye” very small (100%) magnification focus not 100% trust the peeking mode. To make sure all detail/sharp into corner centre corner u have check one by one each side before take a shot. i didn't know either adapter or EF lenses probably mistake by me itself.

Will take other shot coming soon with metabones IV and take long exposure with 60s to 120s 


3.2s F16 ISO50

NOTE IF U HAVE HOT PIXEL ISSUE - Purchase or Trail software Capture One Pro hot pixel can be auto adjust/reduce under "single pixel.

Sorry, this review a shorted I cant write up to much bcoz my english very bad, hope to help a bit to third parties who want to use this camera. 


Here are few JPEG had been convert from Raw images (shadow 100%) 

TSE17/F4TSE17/F4 SONY a7R TSE17/F4 - 6s F14 ISO100 (all default set except 100% shadow)

TSE17/F4TSE17/F4 Canon EOS 5DSR TSE17/F4  "- 3s F11 ISO100 -  (all default set except 100% shadow)

Travel East Java & Bali Indonesia Part II

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I never thought am would hiking to the center of an active volcano on the island of Java at 1 in the morning. But there i and wilson fellow photog from JB, doing exactly that, along with our tour guide "Ananta & Porter" and a couple of headlamps. We were completely and utterly unprepared for the adventure, which would turn out to be more challenging—and more memorable—than anything we could have imagined. On reaching the crater rim at 2700m you can’t but feel a little proud of yourself (and the airs a little thin too). But pack for strong winds and sulfur! You are just on the edge of the crater and on one side you can see west Java spread out below and all the way to sea, and on the other is a beautiful blue/green sulphur lake and the rest of Ijen. If you want to see an incredible vista, but at an achievable hike for most people this is the place :)

Ijen CraterIjen Crater

Capture with Sony A7s Adapter Viltrox & Lens Canon TSE17/F4

Kawah Ijen was one of the most brilliant parts of my trip so far, Kawah Ijen Volcano lies in Eastern Java. It is one of a series of volcanoes, including Bromo, Raung, Semeru and Merapi. Ijen is famed for having some of the most astonishing views on the island, due in large part to the surrounding volcanoes, as well as the picturesque turquoise lake that lies in the volcano’s crater. This lake is also the largest acidic lake on earth! No, what we were interested in was a phenomenon much more unique—Mt. Ijen's legendary blue flames. That there are only 2 in the world (the other one is in Iceland), and can be seen only at night. This is liquid sulfur, which has caught fire and burns with an eerie blue flame. Acidic gases emerges from the fumaroles among yellowish chunks of sulfur, and burns liquid sulfur.

Hiking in with the stars made it a really beautiful experience.A two-hour hike is required to reach the rim of the crater, followed by a 45-minute hike down to the bank of the crater but I do not have time to get down to the bottom because it is too late to photograph magical blue fire, the blue hour/sunrise begins. 

Mt.Ijen MilkywayMt.Ijen Milkyway

Capture with Sony A7s Adapter Viltrox & Lens Canon TSE17/F4  

The sulfur miners who work inside of the volcano. The work is grueling; it’s a job that no one would do for any reason other than income. The miners begin their day at 1 a.m. with the four kilometer hike into the volcano. The miners’ job is to then break off sulfur and carry the backbreaking loads 90kg on their shoulders to a nearby refinery. They do it for around Rp200k a day, a decent local salary. Unfortunately, the miners don’t have the decent safety equipment they need for the conditions. During our time in the crater, I only saw few of miner wearing a respirator. The rest were breathing in toxic gasses, day in and day out, using only thin cloths or sarongs as protection from cold and toxic gasses. But despite the hazardous conditions, it’s a job that provides extra income from tourists. The miners sell trinkets and souvenirs made from sulfur, or serve as photo subjects for a small tip.

Kawah IjenKawah IjenPorter and Miners were warming their body with a bonfire when they are very cold conditions.YES brady cool i can`t stand still

The MinerThe Miner

As the day progressed, we sat and walked around the volcano for an hour and decided that it was time to head back. Now to trek downhill on a steep slope. When going downhill, my knee blady hurt painfull compare climbing, after 1 hour we reached the parking spot where Jeep drive was waiting for us. We decided to get some breakfast from the canteen. Mee Rebus with egg and some coffee. 

so in summary, why go to:

Bromo – much more accessible. If you are lucky enough to see the sunrise it will probably be one of the best one’s you’ve ever seen. The hotels are of a much better standard and it’s all set up nicely for tourists.

Ijen – nicely off the beaten track it was uphill. Steep. More than 60 degress in most places. Along the way we were greeted by Sulphur miners who worked from pre-dawn to dusk to extract unadulterated sulphur from the volcano crater. Badass! As the sun rose, we took in the beauty of the panoramic view around us. Amazing crater views. A steady hike for people who like walking and want something to accomplish.

above the cloudsabove the clouds

Be sure to wear good hiking shoes and comfortable clothing. Carry water and tissues, or bring a surgical mask to cover your mouth with if the conditions are poor.

If you want to photo hunting in Indonesian especially Mt.Bromo & Mt. Ijen a tour guide contact Irsam Soetarto or Ananta White Wings (Facebook)


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