My Journey to Yogyakarta with Sony A7R II - Part II

"Who lives sees, but who travels sees more."

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This is a unique phenomenon because only one in Southeast Asia we can see the desert like the Sahara desert.  Although this sand dune area not as wide as the Sahara but it look like we're in the Sahara Desert. Sometimes Gumuk Parangkusumo Sand are also known as the Sahara in Java. Sand Dunes - Gumuk Pasir , when the rainy season in the middle of the sand dune locations there is a sizable pool of rain water so it looks like a vast lake or oasis in the desert residents of this area called the “pagut”. but during my time its was blady hot dry season. As far as the eye could see us will be treated to beautiful scenery, the sand dunes with a backdrop of sand dunes Thousand Mountains and the Indian Ocean in the background.

Kaliadem is a village in the slope of Mt Merapi that is totally destroyed after the last great eruption of Merapi in November 4th and 5th , 2010. The hot cloud ( pyroclastic flow ) hit this village. Sometimes, Merapi Peak is seen so clearly without any equipment tools because it's very close to bad i was just one day here. Especially at night, the visitor can watch molten lava from the peak. The red lava looks contrast with the dark night sky. 
"The world is a book and those do not travel read only one page."

SONY A7R II FE55/1.8SONY A7R II FE55/1.8


SONY A7R FE55/1.8SONY A7R FE55/1.8




After a tiring day I went to one place its was Plaosan Temple in the morning to capture magical moment sunrise but its normal sunrise no movement cloud or pattern just empty sky after that I walk around ask villagers about this temple and too see children going to school. Remind me memories of the time I was a boy i miss that moment peaceful joyful with old bicycle.

SONY A7R II FE55/1.8SONY A7R II FE55/1.8

What would come first in your mind if you have to mention one of Southeast Asian ancient temples? Angkor? The temples of Bagan? Borobudur?


For those who have visited Indonesia or are planning to go must have heard about Borobudur and Prambanan temples – both are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Buddhist Borobudur was built in the 9th century AD – about three centuries before the construction of Angkor Wat was started – and currently is the world’s largest Buddhist shrine. While Prambanan which was also built in the 9th century is a Hindu temples compound which consists of six elegantly towering main temples and other smaller temples.

As we step into the gate, I look around to find the ticket counter as is often the case with most historic places. However, I only notice one young man in uniform guarding a small post at the left side of the entrance. He asks us to fill in a guestbook and give voluntary donation if want enter the temples at 8.00am gate will open. I ask the authorize to enter early inside but to bad his don’t give the premission its Local LAW, I do not enter just walk outside and realize not long afterward that I am are the only tourist there. This temple absolutely has its own beauty for photograph.





Who amongst us really like to think about where our food comes from? As long as it appears clean and tasty on our table, that’s all that matters. And sometimes like in the restaurants of southeast asia – it’s often not worth the mental anguish of wondering what’s going on in the kitchen. It will be delicious – tick. It won’t make you sick. So who cares about anything else, right?

Well in this case, you wrong. But only because this is one of the most fascinating and visually in interesting kitchens I have ever seen- at 21th 22th 23th Century? still use the traditional kitchens using firewood bcoz will less cost for business - y?  The ‘gudeg’, the main ingredient is being cooked. It’s made from sliced young jackfruit which is being boiled in these large pots. They have water mixed with brown sugar and salt in them, and will be left on the fire overnight for more than 12 hours!!

Many famous restaurants in the Indonesian city of Jogja. It’s not fancy – there are no stars or hats or pretensions associated with it. But it’s known across the city for doing one of the region’s most popular dishes well. The dish is called ‘Nasi Gudeg’ and it’s essentially boiled jackfruit " Buah Nagka Muda" covered in a coconut milk sauce, served with rice, chicken and a hard-boiled egg. This is what it looks like :)

A lot of effort clearly goes on behind the scenes in the spacious kitchen area of the restaurant. Hours and hours of work to provide this dish. But it is tasty very sweet "kuah" and spicy of "kulit sapi" in fact. Its great combination with "Teh Panas" or "Jeruk Panas" Which you hope makes it all worthwhile.


In the evening I went to a coffee shop that Klinik Kopi. I was introduced to the owner of the cafe its name Mas Pepeng. He very interesting guys when talking about coffee. This cafe not only serves coffee like "Touch & Go" that's not how he handles this cafe. He come with a simple mission: to educate our costumers on how to enjoy coffee properly and to share the story behind every coffee we serve.

The first time here and I served with 3 different cups of coffee without milk and sugar to tasted. Damn!! . - Its smell like sweet honey and also espresso is not bitter and sour like i thinking all the times. This is my first lifetime I can drink coffee without sugar and milky. Thumb Up Dewd "Mas Pepeng"

Klinik Kopi serves a wide selection of Arabica single origin from around Indonesia, such as Takengon, Bajawa, Baliem, Kintamani, Ciwidey, Sunda Jahe, Nagari Lasi, Blue Batak, Lencoh Merapi, Java Tobacco, Papua, and many more. Thus -- anyone who wanna too try the real coffee -- you can find them in their website



According to its title, satay klathak pong pack is good as long as we steadfastly waiting for him. because in addition to the presentation quite a long time, either when the end is not crowded and when the end of the crowded, an average of one hour.This causes increased my hunger damn!! 

One of the culinary treasures owned by the community Indonesia is the Sate. While sate themselves have characteristics that vary as satay, stay chicken, satay lamb skewers course, satay crab and satay madura. Of the many satay above, there is one that is quite unique and the only one available in Jogja. satay klathak Jogja. When the satay-one else made using a variety of herbs,then one satay klathak only flavored with salt and baked bars "spikes motorbike -- lidi Basikal -- Jeruji". This satay will seem very simple, but in reality this one much coveted by tourists.

Other alternative menu is worth trying, among others: Tongseng and Tengkleng. To eat Tengkleng needed a little "hard work", because the meat attached to the various bones of goats is not much. Perhaps this is where the art and the pleasure of eating tengkleng. Ready for dirty hands covered in sauce because cool to hold the bones to chew the meat attached. Tengkleng curry sauce is somewhat similar but more dilute. In terms of appearance, dressing tengkleng red-orange shiny, looks "smoldering" plus some fruit cayenne wholeness swim in it. But not spicy and heavy, when the tongue was tasty but lightly. Two culinary during 10 days in Jogja, Its my favorite dish is a tengkleng and satay klathak :)







SONY A7R II CZ24/F1.8 FE55/1.8 FE16-35/F4 & TSE17/F4





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